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Swimming Specialists

South-East London has a proud swimming tradition, with one of the highest concentrations of swimming pools in the country. At Herne Hill Sports, we are pleased to be able to support that tradition with an extensive range of swimwear. Whether you are a seasoned swimmer, or just dipping your toes in, we’ve got you covered. The Brockwell Lido is right at our doorstep and we specialize in providing cold-water swimming equipment – with neoprene gloves, hats, socks, vests, long-sleeve baselayers, and balaclavas available. We also offer a wide range of goggles for both children and adults.

Swimming Spotlight


The Zone3 Neoprene Long Sleeve Top provides warmth and protection from the elements and can be worn instead of a wetsuit for swimming and paddle sports. For those looking for an understated but effective guard against the cold, look no further.

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