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Racket Stringing

Your Strings are as Important as Your Racket –

No matter what level you are playing at your strings make a big difference to your game. Around 50% of your racket’s performance comes from the strings.

We pride ourselves on being Londons go to racket restringing service. We offer restringing services for Tennis, Squash, and Badminton and offer string choices from multiple brands including Luxilon, Wilson, Babolat, Yonex, Head and many more. We always aim to get your racket back to you within 24hrs and most of the time can offer a same day racket restringing service at no extra cost.


Luxion Racket Restringing


Babolat restringing


Wilson restringing


We also carry a range of strings from other brands such as HEAD, YONEX, TECNIFIBRE and ASHAWAY. We can also order strings in, with next-day delivery available. So if there is a specific string you want but don’t see listed here, there is still a good chance we can get it for you! So whatever your stringing needs, at Herne Hill Sports, we’ve got you covered.

Stringing Prices

OWN STRING – £17.50




RPM BLAST – £27.50

HEAD LYNX – £27.50






LUXILON 4G – £32.50



WILSON NXT – £32.50

TECNIFIBRE 305* – £32.50


YONEX BG65/80* – £35.00

NATURAL GUT – £60.00

All prices shown above are inclusive of labor and material costs.


What kind of strings should I use?

Good question! This is a question all tennis players should ask themselves. Many of us agonize over which racket to play with (as we should), but then don’t spare a thought to what strings go in them. Strings contribute as much to your play as your racket does! There are lots of strings to look at, and if you pop in-store we will happily discuss our range. But for now, we will identify the key characteristics of each type of string.

Polyester – the most popular type of string currently in use. Spin-friendly and controlled. Designed for all player levels but advanced players in particular will appreciate the consistency. More durable.

Multi-Filament – A softer kind of string. Will generally result in a plusher, more comfortable feel compared to polyester. Easier access to power and better for players who suffer from tennis elbow but generally lacks a bit of durability – especially for advanced players who can hit the ball hard.

Synthetic Gut – a cost-effective string. Generally feels closer to a multi-filament than a polyester but won’t be quite as comfortable. A good option for players who only play occasionally and don’t hit the ball too hard.

What tension should I string my racket?

Tension can have a big impact on your play. Generally, a lower tension will result in more power, whereas a higher tension will result in more control. Most rackets have a recommended stringing range (usually between 50-60lbs). An average tension in this instance would be 55lbs (which is what we string our demo rackets at). Beginner to intermediate-level players should usually string at average or below, typically in the 48-55lb range. More advanced players can experiment at higher tensions but remember; it’s not an exact science. Some players just like the feel of a looser stringbed and vice versa. A good rule of thumb (and one that professional stringers on the ATP and WTA Tours abide by) is to string your racket as low as you can whilst still being able to control the ball. For some players, this will be 40 lbs, for others, 65 lbs. You just need to figure out what is right for you!

How long will it take to string my racket?

We always aim to return your racket on the same day or next i.e.- within 24 hours. There may be some occasions when stringing is unusually busy, like on school holidays or during Wimbledon. On these occasions, our stringing time may get a little longer, but we will still get it back to you as soon as we can!

Do you string Badminton and Squash Rackets?

We certainly do! We string both Badminton and Squash rackets and supply a number of strings for them.

What if I have my own strings?

We will happily string for those players who prefer to use their own string. In these instances, you will only be charged for labor – which is £17.50 per racket (£22.50 for Badminton rackets).

If you have any other stringing-related questions don’t hesitate to ask us using our contact form at the top of the page.