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We stock a range of Padel rackets that covers beginners up to expert across multiple brands including Bullpadel and Adidas. Both these are leading brands in the world of Padel and offer a variety of Padel rackets to suit all players. There are a range of weights, balances, materials, shapes and technologies on offer and as always our knowledgeable staff can help you in choosing the right racket to suit your game. Different rackets  provide different qualities such as power and control  and you can test these out for yourself with our try before you buy Padel demo racket service.

As one of the fastest growing sports in the UK (and the world), Padel is a fantastic racket sport that combines elements of tennis and squash. Played on a smaller court, the balls are heavier and rackets shorter. Imagine tennis with a dash of strategy from squash thrown in. The best part is that its really easy to pick up, making it accessible to players of all skill levels!

As Padel becomes more accessible our range will continue to grow ensuring Herne Hill Sports becomes London’s go to Padel retailer and Padel demo racket service. Working with the surrounding communities of South East London including Herne Hill, Dulwich, Clapham, Brixton and Crystal Palace we hope that Padel can become a sport open to all.


We now offer a limited Padel demo racket service! For information regarding which rackets we have available give us a call or use the ‘Contact Us’ tab!



Bullpadel is a renowned brand in the world of padel and works to develop the best rackets on the planet. The brand specializes in designing and manufacturing high-quality padel equipment and is known for its commitment to innovation, continually introducing cutting-edge technologies and materials to enhance players’ performance on the court. For this reason, many players trust Bullpadel and choose their products in competition. The Bullpadel range boasts a blend of advanced features, such as carbon fibre construction, vibration dampeners, and ergonomic designs, ensuring optimal power, control, and comfort during gameplay.


Adidas padel is focused on creating rackets for all types of player through using different technologies, materials and weights, making certain there is an ideal Adidas padel racket for everyone.


Discover Padel Near You


📍 Crystal Palace Park Public Courts – Brand new public courts in the heart of Crystal Palace Park. Members of Dulwich Lawn Padel Club get priority booking access.

📍 Sundridge Park Padel Club – Available for members and non-members alike. Located in Bromley.

📍 Canary Wharf Padium Padel Courts – AFP panoramic mondo turf courts with 10.2m high ceilings. Padium courts offer exceptional quality for great cost. Their main court has AI camera’s that can track your play and offer insights on how to improve!

📍 Stratford Padel Club – As host of some of the UK’s biggest Padel tournaments, Stratford Club is arguably the largest sole Padel club in the country. Based right next to the iconic Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park grounds, the club has five dedicated indoor Padel courts suitable for all player levels!

📍 Hyde Park Public Courts – Public courts available in one of London’s most scenic locations!

📍 Regent’s Park Public Courts – Whatever Hyde Park can do, so can Regent’s!